April Sermon Series

"The Next Step"

The Next Step Image

One of the most important things the church can do is to help people go forward in living their faith after they have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  In April, we will do just this!  Our upcoming sermon series, “The Next Step” is driven by Peter’s passion in his writing to a people and time that gave many options for living, managing responsibilities, and coming to terms with what being a person of worth looked like. Peter shares that the way to move forward in faith is not by perfecting these elements of discipleship, but rather, taking a step each day to being the best you can be.  Peter also states that this type of growth happens in community. Peter outlines the elements of the life of one who lives and works this way, and calls this “discipleship”. Our 10x10 focus in April is "COMMUNITY".   We will offer with “lifepoints” (practical goals for growth) provided weekly on engaging in discipleship, learning to become disciples more fully as Christ believers, and what being a healthy Christian in the context of the world is. April 2016, join us as we learn and grow in how to take, “The Next Step”!