MON, MAR 7, 2016 AT 7:00 PM

Morehouse College Glee Club Concert

Morehouse Glee Club
St. John's United Methodist Church Edwardsville presents to you: Morehouse College Glee Club directed By Dr. David Morrow. The Morehouse College Glee Club is the premier singing organization of Morehouse College. Morehouse travels all over the country and the world, demonstrating excellence in choral performance. Join us for this rare musical experience.


February Sermon Series


For the next ten months, we here at St. John’s will study, engage, celebrate, and grow from ten spiritual disciplines! Along with others across the country, we will begin the journey known as “10x10”.  Our first steps will occur in this month of February, and they will be in the deep soil of prayer.  Our focus will be around the Apostle Paul’s words to one of the churches he founded.  In the process, he indicates the depth of his passion for God’s people and even more for God in Jesus Christ as he prays what potentially is the most passionate prayer of his life!!!  As we enter into this season of prayer, we will be able to distinguish for ourselves and for others through the life and the work of many leaders in the scriptures (including Paul), the intimacy of a fervent prayer life, what difference there is between our routine prayers (which are all very appropriate) and the most profound prayers yielded from the hearts of disciples of Jesus, the power they have to physically and spiritually bring us to our knees, and what all this means for our lives and the kingdom of God.  

I am SO EXCITED; I PRAY YOU ARE ALSO. LET’S GO!  Get ready for a ride; worship will move us each week.   "KNEE-O-LO-GY".

Gabby Hilarie in her work regarding spiritual disciplines is laser focused on prayer as the foundation for all that comes forth in a disciple’s life.  Hilarie states that prayer is best engaged on our knees!  So, our focus in prayer is what we do on our knees; what we experience on our knees; what we become on our knees.  “KNEE-O-LO-GY”!