The "IN" Church: October 4-25, 2015

From cell phones to Fiat Cars, from fraternities to sororities, from Coffee House Clubs to Community groups, everyone is looking…to be “IN”! Being “IN” for most represents value and meaning,acceptance, and respect. Most of all, being “IN” represents love and purpose. Everyone, regardless to position on the job or school, to their standing in society wants to be a part of The IN Crowd!

God has different standards and different offerings for being "IN." Luke records these standards and offerings lived out by Jesus’ disciples and those who continued the model of this example in his second book, Acts of the Apostles. They learned and loved, served and sacrificed, worshipped and gave witness in such a way that they were known...and forever made the ecclesia (the church called out to live out its faith and witness in mission to each other and the world). As a result, this group of believers set the benchmark for being “IN.”

Like never before as people seek meaning and motivation for living, what people are really looking for is this group…The “IN” Church! During this series we will discover how God offered access to all to be a part of this fellowship, and how through living out their mission in word and deed they would not only change the world for the better, but also become better for themselves and for God’s glory. In the process of discovering themselves in this powerful and refreshing way, they would also have revealed to them an eternal truth that would bring them closer to God and their destiny than ever before.

Join us all four weeks in this series, and we learn about…The “IN” Church!

Sunday Worship Schedule:

Traditional style worship at 9 am, Sunday school for all ages at 10 am, and contemporary style worship at 11 am.



with Brenda Salter McNeil

January 16, 2016, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

JOIN US January 16, 2016 as Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil equips leaders, pastors, and other persons to grow to increase our sensitivity, skill, and success in embracing and engaging our churches and ministries in winning as many persons as possible.

Register now at Tickets are $10 (includes lunch), and space is limited.

Dr. Brenda Salter-McNeil, a national specialist on the issues of multicultural growth and racial reconciliation will be our training workshop leader, and will empower all who attend with the tools and techniques needed to be better for this important work. Dr. Salter-McNeil is a noted author on these subjects, as well as one who has consulted churches like Willow Creek and mega, large, mid-size, small congregations in growing their crafts for this work. Her unique and powerful approach to this work also eases the most challenged of persons around issues of race and culture.